Reflections on #occupywallstreet on Wednesday, Sept 28th

By Thanu Yakupitiyage

A lot has changed since I first went to #OccupyWallStreet last Wednesday. The momentum is magnificent and certainly speaks to a movement that is learning from each other and continuing to grow and change. For the sake of memory and documenting these changes, here is some flipcam footage from my first evening at #OccupyWallSt on September 28th, including interviews with a few folks there and Hena and my initial reflections on that day. My first reaction was that those at occupywallstreet were mostly white and so were most of the speakers at the General Assembly. But instead of merely dismissing #OWS, I and many other fellow people of color felt the need to keep coming back, intervene, challenge, and push conversations around issues of oppression and oppressed people. This process has started and so many are involved now.

Also check out Sugi Ganeshananthan’s Sepia Mutiny blog-post, “The Color of the Call: Desis at Occupy Wall Street, Pt. 2

Here are reflections from last week:



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