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October 11, 2011

Community Justice, Community Safety

By Divad Durant

“The highest patriotism demands the ending of the war and the opening of a bloodless war to final victory over racism and poverty.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

During last week’s Community/Labor March, I was a part of an organized group of community based organizations that collectively marched as the NYC Communities Contingent.  Amongst the waves of tens of thousands of people at Foley Square, community organizations like CAAAV: Organizing Asian Communities, Malcolm X Grassroots Movement, FIERCE, Picture the Homeless, BAYAN, Justice Committee, members and volunteers from People’s Justice for Community Control and Police Accountability, and CUNY student groups gathered at the southeast section of Centre and Worth street to discuss logistics such as: conducting a 101 know your rights training, coordinating our security team of People’s Justice members, and sharing a lawyer’s phone number by writing it on our bodies with a permanent marker, in case any of us got arrested.

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