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October 11, 2011

Hope to See You in the Streets: Reflections from D.C.

By Vasudha

Lately, I’ve been ending most of my e-mails with “hope to see you in the streets!” This revolutionary corniness can be directly attributed to my participation in the OWS protest on the Brooklyn Bridge on October 1st. Like many of my friends, I was pretty cynical about this at first. I saw some of the early photos of the occupiers and almost collapsed from activist PTSD. America’s Tahrir Square wasn’t going to be lead by the same crusty white anarchists I’d brawled with for much of my organizing life…was it?

And then, you know the story- the pepper spraying incident was the collective “come to Vishnu/Allah/Jesus etc.” moment for many of us. More of my friends in NYC were attending the GAs and participating in meaningful ways. This was enough of a reason for me to hop on a bus from D.C. to NYC to raise some hell on Wall Street. Full disclosure: I grew up in New York with the NYPD.  I’m fully aware of what they are capable of, but even I was shocked by their shameless kettling and subsequent arresting of 700 protestors on the Brooklyn Bridge. In spite of all of this, I came back to D.C. with a renewed fervor to recreate this incredible space here.

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