Tools & Strategies

In Front and Center has become a gathering point for important analysis and voices. Now we’re rolling out a collection of tools and strategies, stories and how-to information that we can use at OWS and beyond.

We invite your contributions!

How have you been engaging with the Occupy Together movement in your area?  What alternate language to “Occupy” are you using and how did you develop it?  How are you building mutual support between ‘Occupy’ organizers and long-time community organizers? How are you practicing community safety (safety from infiltration, police violence and interpersonal violence?) How are you dismantling oppression and practicing liberation?  How are you making space for youth and children to participate? How are you staying warm?  Please share what you’ve learned in these and any other areas.

This could be a simple as a proposal you passed at a general assembly, notes from a meeting, a workshop outline, an orientation manual, a diagram scribbled on a napkin, or a just story of how something happened.

To read submissions, use the drop-down menu above — or click through the links below.

To submit, email us at

Tools & Strategies:

5 Tips for White Allies in the Occupy Movement

Anti-Oppression Training at Occupy Boston (facilitation plan/notes)

Participating in Direct Actions: A Guide for Transgender People

Movement Building & Media Making Training

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